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Need Extra Support

Basic Needs & Services

Academic integrity in partnership with Virginia Tech Dean of Students office cares about supporting your most basic needs for your best overall well-being. If you are worried and concerned about if and/or when you will eat again or where you will sleep tonight, then how can you concentrate and thrive in your studies? Find more information about local and regional resources regarding housing/shelter, financial, food, employment, clothing, medical and transportation.

EBT/Medical Card Assistance

Many students are also eligible for SNAP/EBT & Medical Card. These support services would help an individual or family by nutritious food and obtain basic medical coverage & prevention services. Sometimes DHS is also able to help locate childcare. See if you are eligible and qualify for benefits according to your current income.

General Support, Counseling & Class Absence Verifications Reporting Info

If life has thrown you a curve ball and you need help coping and navigating a crisis/emergency or concern, need to know how to proceed without impacting and throwing your course of study off track, or just need some general support/advice, please visit the Dean of Student What We Do page.