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All members of the University community must be committed to promoting a culture of academic integrity and upholding the Honor Code. Academic integrity preserves the quality of your education and protects the value of the degree that you will receive from Virginia Tech. Therefore, it is important for all members of the University community to actively prevent academic misconduct from occurring.

Academic Success Module

This module is designed for students to complete and to further develop their understanding of the Virginia Tech Honor Code. Students will familiarize themselves with academic integrity expectations at Virginia Tech and learn valuable resources for academic success.

Please enroll and complete the Academic Success Canvas module. This module is used in classes by your faculty.

As a student, when you engage in honest work, you are able to go out and be a successful contributor in your respective field and to society. The links below will aid in your overall success in your academic career.


Turnitin: Plagiarism Framework is a plagiarism detection software that can be used by faculty and students to help ensure sources are cited appropriately. Students can use this as an educational tool to check their written work for any similarities to other sources that have been published either online or in other written texts. Using Turnitin-Feedback Studio helps students uphold and abide by the Honor Code. Enroll in the TurnitIn Canvas course.